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WiLO, the Organization of Women in Lasers and Optics was founded by a group of CREOL students in February 2014 with the idea to host a growing network of students and professionals, from Universities and Industry, evolving in fields related to Optics and Photonics, to create interactions, develop partnerships in order to initiate collaborations between individuals, between students and professionals and between research groups.

In July 2014, the organization has officially became a registered organization of the University of Central Florida. WiLO is now operating under the CREOL umbrella, organizing events, inviting speakers, animating panel discussions and developing its network.


Kathleen A. Richardson

Kathleen Richardson

Faculty Advisor

Rana Scherer


Debasmita Banerjee

Vice President

Swati Bhargava


Jasper Rowe



The mission of WiLO is to promote personal and professional growth for women of CREOL in the field of Optics, Photonics and Lasers though community building, networking opportunities, and encouraging young women to choose optics as a career. This organization will also work towards preparing all CREOL students, enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degrees, for the transition from student to professional life


Constitution: Women in Lasers and Optics


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Collegiate Link: Women in Lasers and Optics

Facebook: Women in Lasers and Optics