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Delfyett Named ‘University Distinguished Professor’ By UCF President

April 16, 2021
Pegasus Professor Peter Delfyett, Ph.D., was recently awarded the title “University Distinguished Professor” by UCF President Alexander Cartwright. Cartwright’s citation acknowledges Delfyett’s “exceptional teaching, research and service, which are evident throughout his career and UCF is grateful for the lasting impact he will have on our university and students.” Delfyett most recently earned high distinction for…

Delfyett to be Inducted into the National Academy of Engineering

February 18, 2021
When Peter Delfyett first fell in love with science during elementary school, he imagined he would grow up to be a paleontologist. Instead, the Pegasus Professor of optics and photonics has spent his career developing futuristic technology. From lasers that are used to cut Gorilla Glass for Samsung phones to fiber-optic cable technology that allows the internet…

Laser Speed Research Enters Application Phase

November 17, 2020
The speed of pulses of light are not as fixed you might think — and that’s good news for your weekend movie streaming. New research published last week in Nature Communications builds on a previous proof of concept that showed it was possible to speed up, slow down and even direct a pulse of light…