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OSE5041 - Introduction to Wave Optics

Course Description

Wave motion, electromagnetic theory, refraction, reflection, and scattering, mirrors and lenses, polarization, interference, diffraction, and optics for augmented reality and virtual reality.

Course Overview

This course is intended for the first-year master students and advanced senior undergraduate students, who would like to learn the basic properties of light, electromagnetic theory, the propagation of light, such as scattering, refraction and reflection, geometrical optics including image formation, polarization, interference, and diffraction. To illustrate the useful applications, the optical systems of virtual reality and augmented reality will be discussed.

Course Objectives
  • Wave motion
  • Electromagnetic theory
  • The propagation of light
  • Geometrical optics
  • The superposition of waves
  • Polarization
  • Interference
  • Diffraction
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality
Course Prerequisites

Students should have some college-level physics background.

Course Credits

3 credit hours

Required Texts and Materials

Lecture notes will be provided one day before class.

Supplementary (Optional) Texts and Materials

Reference: E. Hecht, Optics, 4th Ed. (Addison Wesley, 2002)