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OSE3052L- Foundations of Photonics Laboratory

Laboratory experiments introducing geometrical and physical optics. Image formation. Fiber transmission. Laser beams. Interferometers. Optical systems (cameras, scanners, sensors). Polarization devices.

Credit Hours: 1 credit hour, 2 contact hours

Co-requisite: OSE3052 – Introduction to Photonics or equivalent

The laboratory course is designed to reinforce the concepts discussed in class with a hands-on approach and to allow the students to learn laboratory techniques for observing optical phenomena and quantitative experimental characterization in geometrical optics, polarization, interference, and diffraction.

Learning outcomes:
After successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Comment on basic concepts and principles of geometrical optics, dispersion, aberration, polarization, interference, and diffraction
  • Discuss the nature of light, its propagation, polarization and reflection and refraction at planar interfaces
  • Describe basic optical phenomena and their applications
  • Handle and align optical elements and set up basic optical experiments
  • Operates optical devices and equipment
  • Present their observations and conclusions in a clear informative document