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OSE4952 - Senior Design II

Execution of project developed in OSE 4911, including complete project design review, prototyping, construction, testing, cost, functionality, demonstration, presentation, and reporting. Emphasis on team effort.

Credits: 3 hours

Prerequisites: OSE 4951, Senior standing

Detailed Description:

The course is a continuation of OSE 4951, Senior Design I. The student teams will assemble the designed system using commercially available optical and photonic components. The completed design, or parts thereof, will be prototyped and tested through experimental measurements to ensure that the specifications are met. Cost and functionality issues will be considered. The completed system will be demonstrated and formally presented to the customer. Questions about performance and limitations will be addressed. The project will involve multidisciplinary factors (e.g., electrical, mechanical, and materials) that are to be addressed by students with different backgrounds. An emphasis on team work is placed.

List of Topics:

  • Project design review
  • Prototyping
  • Construction and assembly
  • Cost estimates
  • Demonstration and presentation of project
  • Final report, including user’s manual of completed system

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course the students will:

  • Assemble commercially available optical and photonic components into a functioning system with prescribed specifications
  • Test systems through experimental measurement
  • Demonstrate a completed system and presenting it publicly to a customer, and responding to questions about performance, functionality, and limitations
  • Write a user’s manual

Engineering Design: An Introduction, J. Karsnitz, 2nd ed., S. O’Brien, and J. Hutchinson, Delmar 2012

Project design (30%), prototyping, and construction of a functional product (30%), demonstration and presentation (20%), final report and user’s manual (20%).