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Ivan Divliansky
Ivan Divliansky

Dr. Ivan Divliansky has been elected to the grade of Senior Member of SPIE.

From the recommendation letter by Dr. Leon Glebov:

Dr. Divliansky is a very well established scientist in the area of holographic optical elements. He co-authored more than 70 publications in research journals and two US patents. The main fields of his activity are volume Bragg gratings, complex volume holographic elements, and lasers controlled by those elements. Among multiple achievements are the creation of highly multiplexed reflecting Bragg gratings for spectral and coherent laser beam combining, achromatic phase plates that enabled mode conversion in ultrashort pulse lasers, single transverse mode lasers in resonators with large Fresnel numbers, dual wavelength lasers for THz generation.

Dr. Divliansky is very involved in education activities: He is a manager of laser laboratory for undergraduate students and a manager of a nano-patterning electron-beam lithography system. He also supervises several undergraduate, masters and PhD students.

Dr. Divliansky serves the optical community as a reviewer for several scientific journals and a Board member for the Journal of Lasers, Optics & Photonics. He has co-authored several tens of presentations at SPIE conferences.