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Three alumni of the College of Optics and Photonics were recently admitted as fellows of The Optical Society (OSA).

Interim Dean David Hagan, Ph.D., notes that one OSA fellow in a year is not unusual considering the quality of graduates emerging from the college, but three in one year is extraordinary. Prior to this year, only six alumni were OSA fellows.

“We expect to see more of this, as our organization is relatively young and more and more of our alumni become productive professionals in the field of optics,” Hagan said.

A recent CREOL faculty member, Mercedeh Khajavikhan, was also named an OSA Fellow for “seminal contributions in the fields of non-Hermitian and topological photonics by conceiving and developing new types of optoelectronic technologies.”

The three alumni are:

Arthur Dogariu, Physics Ph.D., Spring 1997
Co-advisors Eric W. Van Stryland & David J. Hagan

Princeton University

For discovering and developing novel nonlinear spectroscopic techniques for remote sensing with applications from medicine to national security.







Sergey Polyakov, Optics Ph.D., Spring 2003,
Advisor George I. Stegeman

National Institute of Standards & Technology, USA

For contributions using quantum properties of light for optical metrology, communication, and biosensing beyond classical limits.






Yi-Hsin Lin

Yi-Hsin Lin, Optics Ph.D., Spring 2006,
Advisor Shin-Tson Wu

National Chiao Tung University

For pioneering contributions to electrically tunable liquid crystal lenses that led to wide-ranging applications.